Karissa Shannon Embraces her Sex Tape

karissa shannon vivid sex tape

See these photos of Karissa Shannon? They’re the promo photos for her sex tape. Quite sexy if you ask me!

In case you were not around these past few days, the highlights of this story are: Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend Sam Jones III made a sex tape together. Supposedly they had NO intentions to sell it (yeah, right!). Spencer Pratt stole the movie from their house during a party (again: yeah, right!). Spencer Pratt sold the video to Vivid Entertainment for an undisclosed amount of money. Vivid contacted Karissa Shannon and in just one day made her change her mind and convinced her to endorse and promote the sex tape, thanks to a 6-figure payment.

It sounds remarkably like so many other sex tapes stories before, doesn’t it?

Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape for your Viewing Pleasure

karissa shannon sex tape

Remember all the controversy over the latest Karissa Shannon sex tape, and how her boyfriend Sam Jones III threatened to kick Spencer Pratt’s butt because of selling it to Vivid Entertainment?

Well… as it often happens in Tinsel Town, everything was solved with a few hundred grand, and Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape is now being endorsed by both her and her boyfriend and available for you to watch. From what I’ve seen of the tape, it’s not just your run of the mill black dude bangs white chick, but things get pretty kinky between Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones III, and the grand finale is literally epic!

Lucy Pinder’s Tits are Wet and Soapy

lucy pinder wet tits

There is something to be said about a big wet soapy pair of tits, and in the case of Lucy Pinder, there is lots and lots to!

Lucy Pinder, better known for her numerous pictorials on England’s top notch lad magazines, is wet and bothered in these sexy photos, where dressed in a black swimsuit she pretends to wash a perfectly clean motorcycle. As you can see, she is being helped by two delicious hotties also dressed in black bikinis. Check out Lucy Pinder’s headlights, and her long solid legs that lead straight to paradise. By the way, her friends’ tits and legs are not too shabby either!

A Second Karissa Shannon Sex Tape

karissa shannon sex tape

Karissa Shannon recently admitted that she and Heidi Montag made a sex tape together, while Heidi’s husband, Spencer Pratt, filmed the action. Apparently Karissa’s boyfriend, Sam Jones III was OK with that, but after he found out that a second sex tape exists, he flipped out and said he’d “whoop that ass in Costa Rica” (referring to Pratt’s ass, of course).

Spencer Pratt is currently in Costa Rica and about to meet with Vivid Entertainment producers to discuss the price of this Karissa Shannon’s sex tape, which shows the sexy Shannon Twin in hardcore action with an unknown guy. Nope, it’s not her boyfriend or Spencer himself in the tape.

I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome of this, but it promises to be quite exciting!

Karissa Shannon Upskirt Pictures

karissa shannon upskirtKarissa Shannon is having a pretty busy week! After having a nipple slip at the OK! magazine 5th anniversary party (which was promptly covered by her boyfriend Sam Jones III), she just had an accidental upskirt session while stepping out of her ride upon arriving at La Vida nightclub in Hollywood. The funny thing is that she even tried to cover her panties with her hand, as you can see in one of these photos, but it was obviously too late, and the damage was done.

Well… it’s not like Karissa Shannon’s panties and even her pussy couldn’t be seen at our favorite nude celebrity website (click the banner to the right of this post if you’re interested), but an accidental upskirt is always quite sexy and refreshing, wouldn’t you agree?

Karissa Shannon Sucking on a Big One

karissa shannon

Karissa Shannon is enjoying a new wave of fame after rumors of a sex tape involving her and Heidi Montag are becoming increasingly insistent.

As a smart girl she is, Karissa is taking advantage of her newly acquired celebrity status and seems to be everywhere nowadays. Here she is, at Millions of Milkshakes, Aubrey O’Day’s sweet business venture, stuffing her mouth with a banana, sprinkling chocolate over whipped cream and showing how round her ass is.

In the meantime, nobody has seen the sex tape, and people are starting to wonder if it really exists. I bet it does! Do you have any idea how many people in addition to Hugh Hefner, the Shannon Twins had to fuck to get to where they are? So why wouldn’t they lick Heidi Montag’s pussy as well? It’s all part of the job, ain’t it?

Shannon Twins Kiss Each Other

shannon twins sex

Playboy’s hottest twins ever Karissa and Kristina Shannon were photographed making out with each other at their ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner’s party at “the mansion”. The party, named “Mid Summers Night Dream” reunited the cream of the crop of current and past playmates and hopefuls, and obviously the Shannon Twins had to be there. But besides their mandatory appearance, we gotta wonder if their kiss was also mandatory. Or do they enjoy kissing each other from time to time?

Forced or not, this is the hottest kiss I’ve seen in a long time, and even though it may be considered incestuous by some, it’s blood-boiling, toe-curling material, so here it goes!

Karissa Shannon Patriotic Bikini Pictures

karissa shannon bikini

What can be more patriotic on a 4th of July weekend than a hot blonde chick in a tiny all-American bikini? Probably a lot of things, but let’s concentrate on these awesome photos instead.

Her name is Karissa Shannon and she is one of two twin sisters who were recently featured on Playboy (I think I missed that issue, how unforgivable of me!), and have appeared on numerous TV shows and even a few movies. No nudie movies yet, but something tells me it won’t be long!

Anyway, here is Karissa Shannon showing her perfect curves in a little bikini and making us all glad that a long time ago the Americans beat the British so that nowadays hot girls can dress like little sluts on the anniversary of that joyful event. Happy 4th of July!