MTV’s the Aftershow, Spencer Pratt.

Only in the world of Spencer and Heidi Pratt could Heidi acting like a stripper on video be totally embarrasing. This is from MTV’s Aftershow, which followed the Miss Universe pageant. It just keeps getting worse and worse…

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt honeymoon in where else? Mexico.

Heidi Montag and Spencer PRatt celebrated their second marriage by going to Mexico for a little Swine Fluze. By Fluze, I mean both the virus and Heidi. I mean, there has never been a better time in history to hit up Mexico, except maybe the war for Mexican Independence from 1810 to 1821. You could really get some cheap tacos then. Unbelievable. I hope they….nevermind. All the same, I hate to admit it, but Heidi Montag in a bikini is pretty hot.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get hitched.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tide the knot, which begs the question, was the wearing of white supposed to be ironic? Heidi wore a lot of expensive, showy jewelry while Spencer got rid of the creepy, ice cream truck driver beard. Heidi looked hot. Spencer, did not. That rhymed. Hey, lay off, I’m doing the best I can with this disaster, all things considered. Here are some more details from People magazine.

The bride wore jewels from Neil Lane, including a pear-shaped diamond floral necklace with multiple diamond chains layered over it, diamond earrings and diamond hairpins, which she picked out the day before the nuptials. Pratt borrowed a pair of diamond cufflinks from the jeweler for the big day.
Early Saturday, the couple arrived at the church in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. Before the ceremony, an airplane flew overhead and wrote “Spencer loves Heidi” in the sky. Pratt, looking dapper in a black suit, smiled and signed autographs for fans outside the church.
Meanwhile, Montag posted multiple updates on Twitter throughout the day. “This is going to be the best day of my life,” she wrote at one point. “Thank you God for Spencer.” She also described her wedding dress as “amazing – like a swan princess.”

I will say this, the bride did look smoking hot. She always does, its just unfortunate how annoying she is. Anyone catch my post the other day wear Lauren Conrad told Dave Letterman she was invited to the Heidi / Spencer wedding but wasn’t planning to go? Well, judging from the pictures of this obvious PR stink, I’d imagine many others felt the same way. Hey, here are some more pictures of Heidi and Spencer’s wedding.

Lauren Conrad does Letterman, he wants to do her.

Lauren Conrad went on the Dave Letterman show, and oh boy, did things get shallow quickly. Lauren, star of the reality mess, The Hills, discussed being invited to Heidi and Spencer’s wedding, Spencer’s beard and Brody Jenner’s load (seriously). Also, Dave told her he would enjoy seeing her sex tape. Wow, from shallow to obvious in 1.2 seconds flat! I have the video posted below, as well as some super hot Lauren Conrad pictures. Man she’s a firecracker.

Spencer Pratt calls out Ashton Kutcher over Twitter.

Spencer Pratt added to his douchebaggery this weekend by calling out Ashton Kutcher over his winning of the Twitter friends war. Wow, just wow. So Spencer basically heard that someone had more friends than him on a social networking site and he had to get into the mix. Funny part is, Ashton probably doesn’t even really care, yet he’s awoken the valley of the douche.  More from Us Magazine.

“Ashton had a huge head start, but I believe in my Twitter family,” Pratt, who currently has 194,048 followers on the social networking site, tells
“From the moment Ashton accepts my challenge, assuming he’s man enough to do so, whoever adds the most new followers in 30 days wins.”
What are the stakes for their May 17 deadline?
“If I win, Ashton and Demi [Moore, his wife] have to wash my car,” he says.
If he loses to the Twitter pro, who now has 1,093,794 followers, Pratt adds that “Heidi [Montag] and I will clean their house.”

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, banned…

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were rumored to have been banned from The Hills wrap up Christmas party. Man, that sucks for them, when you get banned from a Christmas Party because you are too fake, that’s a good indicator that you suck. I am just staying. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas Heidi, I’d still hit it.

Heidi and Spencer, not really married, go figure.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt apparently aren’t really married, at least according to the Los Angeles Superior Court.

A Los Angeles Superior Court official said Tuesday that MTV was recently granted permission to shoot in a courtroom in Beverly Hills, but it was done after hours — and that’s not one of their judges sitting on the bench in “The Hills” footage.
MTV was granted permission to film “what purported to be a wedding outside of court hours” at the Beverly Hills courthouse, court spokesman Allan Parachini said Tuesday. He did not know who the participants were in the wedding, but Parachini said court officials wanted the filming to be treated as a news event.
The preview for next week’s season finale features a wood-paneled courtroom with the California state seal perched on the wall behind a judge. Civil ceremonies are sometimes performed at the Beverly Hills courthouse, but not in the manner portrayed in the brief preview. If a judge does preside, it is typically in chambers during a break, Parachini said.

Baffles me that anyone has ever believed any of this mess. Funny part is, MTV getting caught will just get the show more viewers. What a goldmine that we all have to suffer from watching.

Heidi Montag sports bikini in Cabo.

And somehow, manages to get in the ocean, followed by a shower on the beach, and yet never get her hair wet. How random is that? Oh and look, her makeups seems totally unaffected by the sheer elements of the beach. She is simply an anomaly of a human being. Anyways, these pictures are from the Cabo san Lucas trip where Heidi is celebrating her elopment to Spencer Pratt. Remember, Heidi’s mom accused Spencer of drugging her in order to get her to say I do. What a wasted roofie. Anyways, she looks ultra-freaking-hot in these pictures, no denying that by any means.

More Heidi Montag bikini pictures can be found below. Enjoy.

Heidi Montag drugged by Spencer Pratt?

Heidi Montag’s mommy, Darlene, is now suggesting that Spencer Pratt drugged Heidi in order to get her to marry him. How lame is that? I mean, my God, if any man waste a good roofie on getting married they need to have their head examined.More from Us Weekly.

“He’s manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi,” Darlene Egelhoff, 46, told Us in an exclusive interview from her home in Crested Butte, Colorado the day after Montag, 22, blew off Thanksgiving with her family to stay with Pratt in Cabo San Lucas., the site of her Nov. 20 elopement. “I would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged.”
“Spencer has tried to cut everyone out of her life,” Egelhoff tells Us. “I’ve been honest with Heidi, and it’s caused our relationship to decline. I’m more devastated about that than the marriage, because I’m confident the marriage won’t work out.”
“I think Spencer wants to possess Heidi more than marry her.” Adds Egelhoff – who famously fought with Pratt, 25, on The Hills: “God says love your enemies, but I never expected it to be my son-in-law.”

Can you say HATORADE??? Sounds like ole’ Darlene is just upset that Heidi wasn’t around to help with the Cranberry Stuffing. Someone needs to chillax….

Nice, I have always wanted to use the term chillax in a sentence. I can die now.

Dancing with the stars finally over.

and more news from this Youtuber, What the Buck. This guy has a lot of energy. Anyways, there is some Spencer and Heidi news in here also, basically them doing fake stuff. Surprise! Oh yeah, don’t forget to get out and go shopping today. Really enjoy those crowds at the malls….yeah right….