Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo celebrate Valentine

They did their Valentine celebrating in New York City this weekend. Hopefully she ordered the salad. I’m just kidding….actually, looking at these pictures, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that girl is preggo. I mean, look at her booming boobs, round shape and that awful attire. Maybe that’s the story? We have some little Romo’s on the way? Its really the only thing that makes any logical sense at this point. Check out the pictures for yourself and let me know what you think about it.

Tony Romo FAILS. Again. Simpson to the rescue.

Once again, Tony Romo FAILED miserably to take Americas Team, The Dallas Cowboys, past the first round of the playoffs. And this time, he did it in remarkable style by getting blown out by arch-rivals, The Eagles of Philadelphia. Have you ever seen a Philly crowd excited? It’s kind of gross, so that’s a double FAIL for Romo. Actually, wait, he completes the FAIL trifecta right here….

TMZ says, As if totally choking in the biggest game of the season weren’t bad enough, Tony Romo had to have Jessica “Yoko” Simpson rush to his side to help him with a little popped-out cartilage.

Basically, Romo passed out in the shower after the big FAIL and Simpson had to come help him. Supposedly it was an injury that caused him to pass out, but others speculate he took a peak at PacMan Jones with his towel off. Nevertheless, big FAILs on the report card all the way around. Hopefully he feels better. I mean, how bad can it be? His chick is hotter than everyone elses.