Traci Bingham Shows her Nipples

Traci Bingham tits

Even though we all hate Mondays, there’s something good about them: on Mondays we get to see more hot celebrity photos than any other day of the week. After Hollywood’s hottest and wildest babes are done partying and showing their tits in public, you can count on Celebrity Rumors to bring you the latest photos every Monday. Heck, for that matter, you can count on us to have the cream of the crop every day of the week!

And for a great start of this week, let’s check out Traci Bingham. Although she’s not a huge star, her boobs make up for it, ¬≠and here she is, letting them shine in a see thru dress (a very short dress, I may add) and allowing her nipples to be completely visible. Thank god it’s Monday!

Traci Bingham: The reason China sucks.

I know what you are thinking, its because of communism. I say its because in America, boobs are free to wave the flag. And that’s freaking hot. I know we just had a Traci Bingham post of her taking out my trash, but really, one can never get enough of these fantastic boobs. And for some really great news, expect to see a lot more of Traci Bingham waving her boobs about. She is in a new reality show, FOX’s Gimme My Reality Show!, so sleep well knowing that Traci knows that her best weapon for promotions are her ginormous cans. And that will make me sleep like a baby. Although I am unlikely to watch the show.

God Bless America, land of the free…or however it goes…

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Traci Bingham’s boobs pretty much rule.

And her abs are not bad either. These boobs are absolutely sinsational! I love how she matches the plants and the recycle bin. But what do I love more than that? She’s taking out the trash. I suddenly have this vision of Traci Bingham finishing up with the trash, then sweeping the porch, only to make sure that my breakfast is hot and served in bed. And then of course there is my laundry, which could really use the magic touch of Traci’s boobs.

Ok, this isn’t going to happen and I am dreaming, but a man can dream, can’t he? Remember, we now have a black President! What’s so absurd about me getting my breakfast served by Traci Bingham’s boobs? These are days of change….

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