Americas Next Top model.

Its hot on Youtube. This coming on the heels of Tyra Banks testifying in a NYC court against an alleged stalker. The stalker should be executed in my opinion just due to the patheticness of the situation. Why the heck would anyone stalk Tyra Banks? Wow. Anyways, check out the video if you are bored.

Tyra Banks Next Top Model causes a riot.

Tyra Banks Next Top model auditions in New York City caused a riot over the weekend. Yeah, apparently that show is a big deal to a lot of soulless anorexic teenage girls. Nevertheless, apparently someone screamed “free cheeseburgers” and a riot began as the starving hopefulls rushed for the street corner. Ok, actually, someone screamed that a car was about to blow up. I mean, reality is, free cheeseburgers wouldn’t cause these people to rush. Check out the Youtube video below. I also threw in some Tyra pictures to complete the circle of death for you.