Britney Spears’ Hacker Arrested

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Britney Spears’ Twitter account was hacked a few days ago by a notorious French hacker by the name of Francois Cousteix, claiming she was a Satan lover. Today the hacker was arrested and made to confess, after which he added:

I am not a hacker. I am a kind pirate. I did not act with a destructive aim… I wanted to warn them, to show up the faults in the system.

Cousteix is also held on suspicion of illegally accessing online web pages of President Barack Obama and singer Lily Allen.

But going back to Britney, the messages Cousteix added to her Twitter read:

I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!

And a few minutes later, another message was posted reading:

I hope that the new world order will arrive as soon as possible! – Britney.

Although these messages were deleted very soon after, and an explanatory note added, the controversy didn’t really help Britney’s already tainted image.

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