Victoria Beckham to be a guest judge on Idol.

Victoria Beckham, American Idol,

Victoria Beckham appears to be headed towards a future of sitting next to Paula Abdul, at least for one night. She has been asked to be a guest judge. Either that or the pill that Paula has been given daily didn’t work so they are trying a new method of pushing her out. Ouch! Here is more from SkyNews.

Posh will join fellow judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi on the panel.
The announcement comes just a day after Paula Abdul announced on Twitter that she was leaving American’s most popular show after eight seasons.
The role is a massive coup for Posh, who has been keen to make it big in American since arriving with husband David two years ago.
But it is understood she can not commit to anything other than a guest role as she wants to focus on her fashion range.

Victoria Beckham, American Idol, Victoria Beckham, American Idol, Victoria Beckham, American Idol, Victoria Beckham, American Idol,

Looks like David Beckham might be done with Hollywood, USA.

Looks like the LA Galazy experiment of bringing over a Euro to make Americans say “football” instead of saying “soccer,” is a big fat FAIL. Oh well, Victoria, it was nice having you and your crooked boobs. Looks like David may stay with AC Milan (that’s some football team, I guess), therebye ending his short lived LA Galazy “imma save this league” tenure. The LA Times says,

“Milan will do everything to have Beckham even after March. It is clear that it’s our wish to have him until the end of the season [May 31] or on a permanent deal.”
The Galaxy has insisted that Beckham must return by March 9 for the beginning of the Major League Soccer season, and Galliani admitted that the MLS club is fully within its rights in doing so.
“There’s always a hope, but contracts should be honored,” he said. “If the Galaxy wants to talk, we would be very happy to try. But . . . they are in the right. Beckham must return to America on March 9. Let’s wait.”

Victoria Beckham, great boobs bad hair.

I know, she still has a great body, but the hair is simply atrocious. Those Lakers cheerleaders sure better take this opportunity to move in, should take the hair a while to grow back. Here are a few more Victoria Beckham pictures.

Victoria Beckham: Finally worth cheating on.

I used to be the biggest advocate for monogamy when it came to Victoria Beckham, even during the “she has crooked boobs” phase. Even in the face of critisism that she’s shallow, untalented and self-centered. But this haircut simply changes my tune. I think its time for David to go look up that former nanny’s number, or start getting numbers from Laker girls that sit in front of his floor seats (I just saw him at the Houston game, he didn’t look happy, now I know why). I wonder if he had any say in this hair-do? And how much did it cost? Can you buy hair back? Anyways…..not saying I wouldn’t, just saying I wouldn’t without someone on the sly….