Victoria Prince, K-Feds new chick, has money issues.

Here is what’s important in all of this. Victoria Prince is hot and can’t pay her rent. Kevin Federline is fat but has a lot of money. Sound like the beginning of an adult flick? Not really, this is real life garbage right here, and I love it.

Sources tell TMZ Victoria Prince was booted from her Beverly Hills home back in September after she allegedly didn’t pay rent for six months. We’re told she struck a deal with her landlord to pay him back in installments, but she never made any of the payments.
Now, the landlord is suing Prince for $7500, but there’s a catch — nobody knows where to find her!
We’re told her landlord tried to serve her where she works, but security wouldn’t let the process server in.

This is pure awesomeness. I bet that rent gets paid now. I wonder what the trade is for $7500 in rent? Good for Kevin, she’s hot, he gets to be fat, I mean, this is the male American dream. Although the DJAM wanna be clothes should really go. Its not covering anything up, if you catch my drift….