Vida Guerra’s Cleavage is Impressive

vida guerra cleavage

Not long ago I posted some bikini and nude photos of Vida Guerra and promised my readers that from that moment on I would stay on top of the ball regarding this delightful Latina celebrity.

Faithful to my promise, today I bring you some sexy photos of Vida Guerra on the red carpet, and despite me not being very keen on posting this type of pictures, these ones are well worth our time. Check out Vida Guerra’s impressive tanned cleavage. I’d love to lose myself between those mounds for the rest of my life. Or at least motorboat them for a couple of minutes. I’m easy to please.

Vida Guerra’s Ass is Special

vida guerra ass

Vida Guerra has an ass to die for, a pretty face and a nice set of titties. So I keep on wondering why she isn’t more popular? It’s not like you have to be ultra talented to be someone in Hollywood nowadays. You just need to have something special. And an ass the size of Vida Guerra’s is definitely special.

May be she needs to show a lot more than she has so far. As you can see in these pictures, Vida is already showing a lot, but don’t you think we should encourage her to drop the little bit of bikini bottoms she’s got on and put that round, hard, abundant, smooth ass on display, in lieu of increasing her popularity?

Vida Guerra shows off her trunk on the beach.

Vida Guerra spent the day before Barack Obama day walking around the beach in a thong. This is fantastic, if you like latina round booty. If you don’t, you should. I personally love the dimple on her uppler right cheek. That’s genetic attention to detail right there, folks.

Enjoy, lots of Vida Guerra booty shots for your pleaure.