Whitney Porn Bikini Pictures

whitney port bikini

I’ve seen Whitney Port in a lot of sexy outfits and I was pretty sure she’s got some nice boobs to show but this hot television celebrity, clothing designer, model and actress never showed too much of her body. Now, seeing these pictures of Whitney Port at the beach, I really don’t understand why she hasn’t been showing more skin in the past. This chick has awesome body, good size boobs and a rocking ass.

Of course, she can do a lot better than just posing in a bikini, maybe going topless for a single day or, why not, a sexy photo shoot for a men magazine. My conclusion is clear: Whitney Port needs another PR strategy or people will never know what she’s hiding. And that’s a shame.

Whitney Port’s nipple slips, she apologizes.

Whitney Port’s nipple has slipped, and apparently she feels that warrants an apology on her blog.

“Okay so a couple photos were captured while I was in Miami that weren’t the most discreet and I’m sorry if they offended anyone but I got too caught up in the sunshine and the weather that I guess I wasn’t as cautious as I should have been.
Everyone knows the rough and tumble of the ocean mixed with a bathing suit — not the most attractive thing ever! So sorry for the view…very embarrassing to say the least! I guess all I can do now is laugh about it and move on!”

And you knew it wouldn’t be long until she was trying to compete with Heidi Montag for the silliest publicity stunts of the year. She is hot though.

Whitney Port, bikini shots for new show episodes.

If you are familiar with The Hill’s spin-off, The City, which is based in New York City, then you are probably really familiar with Whitney Port. And seeing you are familiar with Whitney Port, then you probably went through the same dilemma I went through after first seeing her, which is: Is she really hot? Or just cute? Things of this nature depend on the body. In The City, she appears a bit too skinny for me. Well, The City has now decided to resolve the controversy by putting Whitney in a bikini for a new Miami Beach episode…and I must say, hot is the word. Great body. Click on the thumbs below for some more Whitney Port bikini pictures.