Hitler reacts to Kanye West.

Hope you are up for yet again, another morning laugh at Kanye West expense. You gotta love it, this is never going to die. Kanye mayhem is set, ready and gone….enjoy the video.

Parent and Teacher conference prank.

Parent and teacher conference prank makes Youtube’s hot videos. Its pretty good…and better than working…so check it out.

Texting while driving.

Um, yeah, enough said, folks…

Chick ramps Mercury Sable.

Jen seems cute when they finally show her. But you have to endure a lot of weirdness before then. Youtube users are a strange breed as this video has rock and rolled itself to the top videos.

Evian Babies are back at it.

Kind of weird, but its hot on Youtube and getting good comments. So what the heck? Enjoy folks.

Hot For Words, she’s back with her boobs.

HotForWords is back and so are her boobs. Of course, they are hanging out all crazy. God bless her. Enjoy.

iPhone 3.0 is out, so are the losers on Youtube.

iPhone losers are now out in hoards talking about how the new iPhone update is the best ever. Funny, they still can’t even send picture messages because they forgot to mention that ATT wasn’t ready. Your Razr will though. Go figure. Apparently 300 people lined up in Times Square this morning for the new iPhone. Losers….

Hilarious clip of a model falling down.

Hey, its mean to laugh at another’s expense, unless the another is a model. Watch this clumsy model come crashing down the stairs. Hey, its funny. You know it us. Watch it, you know you want to.

Police brutrality? Big Youtube hit this morning.

here is the most viewed video on Youtube this morning. It appears the cops pull over an EMT and arrest him when he is strying to get a woman to the hospitial. Um…..not good.