Zac Efron does Saturday Night live.

He’s no Justin Timberlake, but this skit is pretty darn funny. Its about underage drinking. Good stuff, check it out.

Zac Efron has a pool party.

Zac Efron, Carmen Electra, Queen Latifa and even that dude from Reno 911 do a new Funny or Die video. Definitely worth a watch, tons of celebs, some decent lines. Hey, check it out I say!

Megan Fox gets drunk, confesses love for high schooler…

So Megan Fox is apparently and admittedly, obsessed with Zac Efron, from High School Musical. She got loaded and admitted it.

The stunning Fox drank enough to confess to a Page Six operative that teen idol Zac Efron was her crush, stating, “I’m obsessed with him. What you don’t know is that Zac and I are the same person . . . it’s like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person.”

And so I would like to point out the actual important point in all of this: Megan Fox was drunk and I wasn’t around to make sure she got home. At least there is now hope for me, I mean, sort of. Here are some hot and sexy pictures of Megan Fox in a dress. Oh yeah, some Zac Efron also.